Phytomer - PIONNIERE XMF - Perfection Youth Rich Cream


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Perfection Youth Rich Cream

Perfection Youth Rich Cream Nutritive Global Anti-Aging Cream

PHYTOMER combines XMF, a biotechnological high-tech marine sugar  with the richness of a lipid-replenishing marine oil naturally concentrated in Omega-3. Creamy and ultra-comfortable, this "second skin" cream smoothes wrinkles in 1 hour*. Its supreme texture makes thin and dry skin supple and comfortable from morning to night. Day after day, the skin is pampered with nutrition for the appearance of younger, firmer and brighter skin.

* Instrumental test on 23 volunteers.

Clinical results


Wrinkles smoothed in 1 Hour
Reduction in crow's feet wrinkles observed of up to -23 %(0)

Visible signs of aging corrected in 1 month
Decrease in wrinkle depth of up to -12 %(1)
More even complexion : 87 %(3)
Brighter complexion : 87 %(3)


Lipid-replenished skin in 1 week
Synthesis of ceramides : + 52 %(2)

Comfort and suppleness restored in 1 month(3)
Comfortable skin from morning 'till night : 100 %
Suppler skin : 91 %

(0) Instrumental test on 23 volunteers after a single application. Average value obtained on 8 out of 23 volunteers. Overall result: -11%.
(1) Instrumental test on 23 volunteers, after 2 applications per day for 28 days. Average value obtained on 8 out of 23 volunteers. Overall result: - 6 %.
(2) Ex vivo instrumental test. (3) Satisfaction test conducted on 23 volunteers, after 2 applications per day for 28 days.

Scientific innovations


Off the coast of Brittany in the Iroise Sea, the PHYTOMER scientific team identified a plankton micro-organism capable of naturally producing a sugar with exceptional youthful properties: XMF. To collect this unique marine sugar, which has no land equivalent, PHYTOMER researchers developed a high-tech cultivation program in the laboratory. The result: a 100% natural biotechnological ingredient, smoothing and densifying.
Applied to the skin surface, XMF creates an invisible natural film that instantly smoothes the appearance of wrinkles*: lines on the skin seem to disappear after 1 hour. It also acts inside the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It helps add tension to these fibers for a denser and firmer skin mattress*: the skin is firmed and tautened, like after a facelift.

* In vitro tests on the ingredient.

Active ingredients

XMF, Extra Marine Filler*: instantly smoothes wrinkles and redensifies the skin matrix.
Morio Orchid Extract: protects the youth of the skin thanks to its antioxidant and anti-glycation action.
Schizochytrium Oil: strengthens the lipidic barrier for intensely nourished and moisturized skin. 

* Instrumental test on 23 volunteers.

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