Today I am going to be finally showing you my complete skincare routine. I am so excited to show this to you! I know some of you have followed me on my skincare journey, but if you haven't. here is just a tiny little backstory.

I had wonderful beautiful clear skin ever until about my mid-20s and then I had adult hormonal acne and I just fought that for so many years up until literally like a year and a half ago. I was fighting it and I just couldn't figure out what to do and what like what could cure it. I went to everyone. I went to dermatologists, estheticians, I've tried every product out there. I think I've tried every skincare product that exists and nothing was really working until I found this line of skin care prodcuts that I swear by now.

I would say there are a few things that got me to where my skin is now and one of the most influential was being put on this skincare line and staying loyal to it. I was buying everything at Sephora for a long time and switching my routine up so much that my skin could never really adjust. I wouldn't stick to anything long enough for it my skin to figure out what it even liked. So being really loyal and sticking to a plan and not switching things up really got my skin to where I felt like it was in a really good place. I got it really clean and happy!

That is it for my skincare routine! I hope that you all enjoyed this - I was really excited to do this and I hope that I have introduced some of you to some great products. I hope that if you are struggling out there, know that I feel your pain and I hope that you see some results soon. Maybe some of this will help you! I definitely know the struggle of having skin that you're not 100% confident with.

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